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About Waimea Body Essentials

Waimea Body Essentials, Hawaii’s Natural Skin Care. We are located on the Big Island of Hawaii in the small town of Waimea, home of world-famous Parker Ranch. We take pride in making our soaps, lotions, and other body care products one batch at a time. From selling at the local farmer’s markets and craft fairs several years ago, Waimea Body Essentials has grown our customer base to include all of the Hawaiian Islands, the Mainland USA, Canada, Japan, and Germany!

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Why Does Natural Soap “Sweat”?

Natural soaps like ours, rich in natural glycerin, are the most moisturizing soaps you can find. It is this glycerin, like other natural humectants, that readily draws moisture out of the air and onto the soap. When this happens, the soap looks like it is sweating. This is more likely to happen in humid environments. Nothing is wrong with the soap. It is just doing its job.

Washing with natural soap leaves a thin layer of glycerin behind that draws moisture to the skin. This beneficial glycerin is removed from most commercial soaps.

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